Professional services and consulting work provided by the office


 Use our service and benefit from our experience and consulting work offered in:

Accounting and banking consulting
  • Preparing advisory reports on criminal, labour, commercial and civil issues, and rental disputes
  • Providing advisory reports on banking issues
Management Consulting
  • Preparing the administrative and organizational structure for each company and preparing internal regulations for workers and employees
Preparing feasibility studies
  • Preparing economic and marketing feasibility studies
  • To act as an arbitrator in disputes and cases in which arbitration is resorted to either through the court or arbitration outside the court (through local or international arbitration centres)
Reviewing and auditing the accounts of institutions and companies
  • Carry out audits for the purpose of evaluating the companies ’performance, identifying the result of the activity, from profit or loss, and preparing financial statements and audited budgets
Designing the documentary course for companies and institutions
  • Preparing and designing the documentary course that suits the activity of the facility and designing the book group that suits every company or institution and choosing the accounting methods that suit each activity according to the management requirements of reports.
Carry out judicial guarding and liquidation of companies
  • Carrying out custody of companies in the event of legal disputes or inheritance cases, as well as liquidation of companies, whether in the event of an agreement between the partners to dissolve and liquidate the company or a court ruling to dissolve and liquidate the company.
Value Added Tax
  • Tax compliance and tax advice are a critical component of the company’s strategy, which directly affects the company's cash flow.
  • Providing high-quality tax services requires a deep understanding of the law and its operational procedures, as well as the ability to accurately assess a client's situation and needs.
  • Our experts are able to assess the company’s status and make future adjustments of legislation and tax options in mind, in order to benefit the customer.
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